iaedp™ established the certification process to promote standards of excellence within the field of eating disorders. Professionals who demonstrate clinical expertise ...

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iaedp NY Mission Statement

To promote a high level of professionalism among practitioners who treat those suffering from eating disorders by promoting ethical and professional standards, offering education and training in the field, certifying those who have met prescribed requirements, promoting public and professional awareness of eating disorders and assisting in prevention efforts.

Recommended Articles

It’s Okay to Have Conflicting Thoughts on How You Want to Eat

December 6 2017
It’s not uncommon to have mixed feelings or thoughts. I’ve written about this dynamic related to eating and body image in Starting Monday and in The Food and Feelings Workbook. How can we not have them? I lie in bed many mornings thinking about how I both do and don’t want to arise and begin […]<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_16893">(Visited 7 times, 7 visits today)</div>

What is lanugo and what causes this hair to grow?

December 2 2017
Learn about lanugo, a type of hair that grows on fetuses in the womb, and some adults with eating disorders. We examine its causes and possible functions.

Identity Is How YOU Define Yourself

November 12 2017
I’ve just spent the better part of an hour unsuccessfully digging through reading material trying to identify where I read (within the last week!) that “biography is not identity.” I had to wait to carve out time to blog about this subject and, in the interim, forgot where I found these four words which leapt […]<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_16890">(Visited 8 times, 8 visits today)</div>

Food addiction: What to know

October 11 2017
Food addiction is when a person becomes dependent on certain types of foods. Learn more about the causes and when to see a doctor.

What If You Never Lose the Weight?

October 4 2017
A topic that has cropped up with clients recently is the question of what to do if they keep trying to eat more healthfully, exercise and take better care of their bodies and still don’t lose weight. Clients dance around this question and I suspect I do too at times. They want reassurance that if […]<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_16875">(Visited 46 times, 26 visits today)</div>

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If you have a continuous group running, and would like to post it on the iaedpNY Chapter website, please email us a description with name, location, time, a 1-sentence description, and contact information (exceeding no greater than 4 lines). Please email to the President.

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