Netiquette Guidelines


Universal Rules for Listserv Content:

Our members-only listserv serves as a forum to:

  • request information regarding referrals around the world
  • share important news regarding eating disorders
  • exchange information relevant to eating disorder treatment, research, prevention, and advocacy among members.

In order to facilitate efficient and effective communication among members, listserv posts should be concise in nature (e.g. 250 words or less).  Lengthy discussions are not encouraged on this listserv, and members interested in in-depth discussions are encouraged to continue such discussions in a private forum (e.g., via personal email communication).

All posts to the listserv are the sole responsibility of the sender and do not reflect the opinion of iaedp NY.  Posts to the listserv are not prescreened.  However, the iaedp NY listserv is monitored to ensure adherence to iaedp NY policy. It is up to iaedp NY members to use best practice and professionalism when posting to the listserv.

Referral request responses should be sent back channel (privately) using reply to sender, NOT reply all.


The following need PRIOR APPROVAL by the iaedp NY President or Vice President to be posted:

  1. Solicitations for conferences or educational events
  2. Solicitations for donations
  3. Research studies
  4. Job postings including post-doctoral positions.


The following are NOT PERMITTED and will be considered misuse of the listserv:

  1. Promotion/advertisement for treatment centers or treatment providers
  2. Attachments of any type or size (without approval)
  3. Profanity, personal attacks or inflammatory remarks;. It is not permissible to send derogatory or offensive messages to a listserv member privately in response to a post on the listserv.
  4. Personal communications
  5. Posting of identifiable patient information
  6. Content including political, religious and commercial material (an exception can be made for political content that directly affects association interests, e.g. bills before Congress)
  7. Information about specific charges or fees for services


Confidentiality of iaedp NY Listserv Material:

The iaedp NY listserv is confidential.  It is in violation of iaedp NY policy to forward any posts to any medium outside of the listserv from which it originated (e.g., personal or professional blogs, social networking websites) without the approval of the iaedp NY.  iaedp NY acknowledges that educational information gleaned from the listserv discussions may be used by its members in further communication with colleagues and/or patients. This should be conducted in the spirit of the listserv’s mission: “the exchange of information relevant to eating disorder treatment, research, prevention, and advocacy among members.”



To promote a healthy environment, iaedp NY reserves the right to promptly respond to extreme infractions to the listserv and remove members from the listserv.

Posts that disregard listserv policy will be removed from the site, and violators will be notified with a warning. Multiple violations may result in removal from the listserv.

To Opt Out:

All current members of the iaedp NY chapter are automatically added to the listserv.  To unsubscribe from the listserv, email